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A nine month one to one training program with Jonathan designed to fully align you with your starseed mission and highest excitement.

  • Live one to one session with Jonathan every week via Zoom
  • Monthly (optional) group Zoom call
  • Messenger and Email contact with Jonathan throughout the program.
  • Sessions designed to show you exactly how to find your mission and fully align to it.
  • Learn to channel your guides, higher self, extraterrestrials, angels, Source and more.
  • Move towards open global extraterrestrial contact and learn the tools and techniques to make contact yourself.
  • Deepen your spiritual awakening, activate your light body and become the fully realised being you came here to be.
  • Work with vibrational reality creation and the law of attraction to create your own reality and attract the abundance you need to fully embrace your mission.
  • Q&A Sessions with the many beings Jonathan channels during the weekly one to one sessions.

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If you’re interested in extraterrestrial contact and channeling, have been on the spiritual path for a while but perhaps are still working a job you don’t prefer; the Starseed Mission Program is designed to take you to the next level and fully embody your starseed mission and calling. Since 2008 Jonathan has had several ET contact experiences which led to spiritual awakenings. After a big experience in 2009 he developed the ability to channel extraterrestrials. Around 7 years ago Jonathan began channeling professionally and talking about extraterrestrial contact. This led to a series of appearences on Vice, UK TV, mainstream Australian and Irish radio plus numerous podcasts. Today Jonathan is teaching people channeling, extraterrestrial contact, how to find their life purpose and how to use the law of attraction.

We all have a unique spiritual mission, life purpose and path to awakening; Jonathan will show you how to discover what this is for you and how to fully embody it in your life. Fully stepping onto our path can be hard, especially if we’re surrounded by people who aren’t on the same wavelength. Having weekly sessions with Jonathan will allow you to reconnect with the energy of your higher self and reinforce your determination to move forward. Being around people already fully committed to their calling can have a huge influence on your ability to stay on track.

Along with keeping you in the frequency you need to be in the sessions will include: Opportunities to ask the ETs and Jonathan’s guides questions – Instruction on how to channel ETs, guides, angels, higher self and Source for yourself, Continual guidance into deeper and deeper levels of your mission – Shadow work and work on your beliefs – Guidance on how to use the law of attraction – Exercises, activations and meditations to deepen your spiritual awakening. The sessions can also include healing work and anything else you wish to explore.

The live video sessions will be held over Zoom which is free and easy to use. The private weekly one to one sessions will be between 40 and 60 minutes in length and the optional monthly group sessions will be around 1 to 2 hours.

You will have the option to explore extraterrestrial contact with Jonathan. Many starseeds will have some level of involvement with open global contact and as you’re probably aware it’s been a big part of Jonathan’s path. It is likely that a significant proportion of the people that register for the program will have an interest in this area, if this is you, it’s likely the exploration of contact will make up a significant part of the training.

Jonathan has been building websites, Youtubing, working with social media and diving into the business side of living as a starseed for several years. If you are looking for assistance in any or all of these areas he will be excited to assist you.

The Majority of the training program is done one to one with Jonathan and as such there is no set start date for your training, your program will start in the week following your registration.


I have taken many of Jonathan T Martins courses, he’s been able to help me in many ways and teach me many things. Jonathan is an absolutely amazing channel and teacher I highly recommend him 100%.

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